Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daycraft Cheese Cracker Notebook

Daycraft popped up on the blogging scene a little over a year ago with a line of fantastic daily planners and notebooks that were well made and attractive, but not available in the US (although in plentiful supply in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Phillippines to name just a few of the countries listed on their website). But it does seem that their wares have popped up in a few stores in the US according to their 2012 catalog, including some that have found its way to the Museum of Modern Art gift shop.

Daycraft sent me several really nice notebooks to try out, including this Cheese Cracker notebook, one of three Cookie Bookie notebooks along with a square Oreo-type cream-filled cookie notebook that looks mouth watering and a lemon wafer that reminds me of Wafer Thins cookies.

The Cheese Cracker notebook is just what it sounds like, a paper version of those orange and brown cheese crackers that are the staple of work-place snack dispensers around the US. The styling on this notebook is excellent--the paper is just the right tinge of orange, the leather-like cracker cover has the same tiny holes as you'd find in the snack, and the notebook is wonderfully square and portable.

How well does it work? Very well, actually. The notebook is 4.75 by 4.75 and fits comfortable in a purse or knapsack pocket (but not in a back pocket). The paper is heavy and fountain pen friendly, no bleed through. The orange color is not so garish as to overwhelm the writing. And the line width of 6.5mm is wonderfully wide, I don't feel like I have to cramp my cursive scrawl like I do with some other notebooks.

Take a look at Daycraft's catalog, they've added some great products (including a really nice looking camo concert notebook and their animal pals). Hopefully more retailers will offer Daycraft products, which are well-made and a lot of fun.


  1. Good review, Diane. Not sure that the squareness of the Cheese Cracker and Oreo notebooks would suit my style, but I like that orange paper. The Daycraft site is loaded with good looking stuff, but the drawback seems to be a lack of US distributors. Thanks for the heads up.
    PS: I like your handwriting.

  2. Yes this is a lovely notebook indeed which I've also reviewed at my blog. Thanks Diane.

  3. I would have liked the Oreo as well, both make me hungry for a snack. And the way it is designed reminds me of an autograph book. But the paper is really nice, the color and quality.

    Oh, and thanks Bill for the handwriting compliment. I tend to think it looks like scratch marks than writing. :)