Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EcoVerte Pens and Pencils

Another National Stationery Show exhibitor that showcased its "green" line of writing tools and supplies is EcoVerte. The company has a number of lines that focus on recycled newspaper and plastic as well as a line of bamboo pens and pencils that are unusual-looking but not so weird as to be put in the re-gift drawer.

From left to right above is a bamboo ballpoint pen (also comes in pencil flavor), a recycled plastic ballpoint pen, and a woodless pencil that's one of the nicest of its type I've seen (very simple one-color design). All are fun and functional, and if you happen across any of these in a local shop they are definitely something to consider adding to your lineup.

One thing I loved about the recycled plastic pen is its shape. The barrel from tip to mid-section is round, tapering into an oval as you get to the end and the plunger. The clip has a beautiful soft, flowing curve while the clear blue barrel shows off all of the spring action at both ends. This pen's design is excellent and interesting, definitely check it out. Where to buy is again the question, but if you see any check them out.

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