Sunday, May 22, 2011

Archie Grand Notebooks for Friend and Foe

Seeing these Scandinavian Archie Grand notebooks at Notemaker made me smile, so I decided to add one to the order and get to work listing all the Secret Agents I've Met and Liked. As there aren't that many I've met, much less liked--none, really--I decided to use the notebook for other purposes.

The small pocket-sized notebook is 6.5 by 4.6 and 120 pages of the thickest paper I've ever used. Cream/ivory is the color, but the paper itself is pebbled which gives the page an almost glossy look. The matte cover has a leather-like feel to it, while the color range is superb. But the fun part is finding your perfect person: capitalist, models, chefs, nobel laureates, Oxfordians, and many other types are available for your note-taking needs.

The Archie Grand website notes that this paper really soaks up the ink, which is true up to a point--gel ink pens, such as my G-2 Knock, love this paper. Ballpoints are a distant second, while fountain pens should go elsewhere. The paper doesn't seem to absorb fountain pen ink very well, so I'm using Staples and Muji gel ink pens only on this. I'm thinking that this paper would actually be great for scrapbooking, as it's a heavy/sturdy type that won't wilt if weight is placed on it such as a magazine cutout or photo.

The smaller notebooks is $11, the larger Jumbo priced at $26 and there's an online US store (Jasper+Black) that handles the line if you're interested in purchasing.


  1. I was thinking of buying the same notebook, but on the Archie Grand website it looks quite orange, and on amazon it looks like more of a peach, I was wondering what you felt it most closely resembled in natural light, thanks!

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