Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zebra Eco Sarasa Clip Gel Ink Pen

A favorite pen for many of us is the Zebra Sarasa Clip, a retractable gel ink pen with a push clip so you don't break the plastic when slipping it on your pocket or notepad. I love this idea, as I do tend to break this part of the pen.

This new Sarasa Clip is the Eco, a green pen using 81% post consumer waste material. I do like this design quite a bit, with the black rubber grip, clear barrel, and the extra-wide clip giving a hit of color in white, blue, and green. For whatever reason I think it's an elegant and modern-looking pen.

Like all the Sarasa pens this gel ink is a smooth-writing instrument. The 0.7mm tip is definitely wide, and doesn't lose any width when you angle the tip. The ink works well on many papers, including a standard-grade notepad I had in my office. No bleed through but a shadow, so double-sided writing may not be available depending on how thin the paper is. But all in all this is a great pen, and a new favorite in the daily arsenal.


  1. Zebra Sarasa Clips have been some of my favourite pens with some really nice ink colours. The transparent clip is an interesting variation.
    I hope the Eco version won't be given a premium price like other green products.

  2. Yes, this is one of the nicest packaging designs I've seen, and the transparent clip with color accents really makes it all work.

    Staples has them at a slightly lower price ($15.99 per dozen) than regular Sarasa Clip pens ($16.49 per dozen).

  3. Funny--I found several packages of these Eco pens, in multiple colors, on clearance at Zellers (Canadian Target) last summer. I bought the whole lot, of course. I wondered where they came from and why that would be the first place they should appear. This makes it even more mysterious. Anyway, I agree that they write terrifically, just like the regular Sarasa! I'm glad that they're still on sale, and at mainstream shops.

  4. They definitely need an extra fine option - 0.5mm

  5. Is 0.5mm considered extra fine? I've seen that in a couple of pens, but I've always thought that was pushing it a bit. Or maybe I'm just too used to Hi-Tec-C 0.4mm pens, which I really love.

    Eliza, that is really awesome about finding them as Zellers. I haven't seen these in any of the big box stores such as Target, but I'm hopeful.