Wednesday, May 11, 2011

National Stationery Show

The National Stationery Show begins this weekend at the Javits Center. I've a guest once again of my friend's mother, who has her own small business. C and I will be hitting the aisles looking at cards, paper, gifts, figurines, and whatever else is on hand. Should be a fun time on Sunday!


  1. Diane, do you get any sense that the NSS folks (when you attend) recognize a popular, general-use market for premium stationery?

    I'm willing to use premium paper for the few notes I send, but I had to sort through a whole mess of special-occasion, special-interest, embellished product before finding plain correspondence cards (Crane and the Italian-made Kartos). Jack/Youngstown

  2. Diane, do you get any sense that the stationery folks recognize a market for premium paper for general use?

    I'm willing to use premium stationery for the few notes I send. These days I'm experimenting with Crane and the Italian-made Kartos correspondence cards. But there was a whole mess of special-occasion and special-interest stuff I sorted through before finding the plain, unembellished stock I was looking for. Jack/Youngstown

  3. My untutored guess is the advent of inexpensive wood-pulp paper forced the fine stationery (i. e., 100% rag paper) folks into niche papers and lots of value-added stuff. Monograms, embossing, foil envelope inserts, and what-not. But, the 19th century (pre-wood pulp) letters I've seen, even from wealthy people, are just paper (mostly) without embellishment. Jack/Youngstown