Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's New at Rhodia

The Exaclair space at the National Stationery Show is always one of the largest, featuring the Quo Vadis, Rhodia, J. Hebin, G. Lalo, and other product lines all part of the French parent Exacompta.

Karen Doherty, Vice President and generous supplier to many of us, was on hand to show off the new Rhodia products. I really wanted to see the new dotWebbie, and it is fabulous.

This is the pocket size dotWebbie, and it is fabulous. Ivory paper and pale gray dots make for a less obtrusive writing experience. The darker violet dots in regular dotPad paper are a darker (albeit still lovely) shade and catch the eye. This combination is probably as close to writing with blank paper as you can get but still having the lines marked out for you.

Next is the soft cover bloc notepads, which is more of a tactile experience than a visual one. The cover is some sort of velvety-suede type of stock that feels amazing. It's a subtle difference but one that will make you take notice.

Finally, there is the Rhodia Unlimited pocket notebooks. Like the smaller Rhodia stapled notebooks, but with some major differences: first, there's an elastic band closure with a racing stripe in the opposite color (black with orange stripe) so it's stylish and fun; second, the paper isn't merely lined but blocked out. The picture doesn't show it, but the pages have defined rectangular outlines for notes as well as an upper rectangle for date and memo (reminds me of several Japanese notebooks, such as Mnemosyne and Kokoyu). This looks like it will be a great addition to the line up.

Many thanks to Karen for showing my friend C and me the new products (that's C's hands in the photos), and for the invitation to stop by for a tour. Definitely planning that soon!


  1. Oh my these are some tasty new treats. I love the soft cover velvety situation. This sounds like sooo much fun! How do you keep from imploding with happiness.

  2. When will the Rhodia 2011-2012 Academic Planner 6x9 Black be released in the US.