Friday, January 28, 2011

Advertising Blotters from Richard Binder

Using high quality paper such as the Rhodia and Clairefontaine leads to the problem of longer drying time because of the clay coating. As I was waiting for the ink to dry before closing my notebook I remembered that one of the pieces of paper that came with my Waterman 92V was an advertising blotter that Richard Binder sells in packs of five for $4.

Rummaging around I found it and pressed gently against the page, and was really gratified and a bit surprised to see it had worked. Surprised because the ink left on the page was two shades lighter than what I'd written. That is a lot of ink, but these blotter cards are large and re-usable so there should be no more problems with smudging.

I've gotten to like pressing this against the page, there's something satisfyingly tactile about writing with a fountain pen and then blotting the paper. The advertising blotters are made from 100-pound heavyweight blotter stock, which has a nice rough feel to it, and the five pin-ups are wonderfully retro.


  1. I picked up one of those at the Philadelphia Pen show but had no idea it was a blotter. I just thought it was an over-sized business card.

    Say, what pen is that lurking behind the wire binding on your notebook? I love that color!

  2. The pen is a Namiki Grance and the color is Yamabuki Koi, for the orange gold koi fish. It is one of my top pens, the pic doesn't do it justice. :)


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