Monday, January 31, 2011

Ecosystem 2011 Planner

While I already have a planner for work, and the iPad keeps my days coordinated as well, I love having something with me to write down quick notes and things. It makes no sense unless you're a paper junkie, and Ecosystem very kindly supplied me with a fantastic Grape fix.

This picture of the 2011 Ecosystem Planner doesn't really capture the beautiful dark grape outside color, something very similar to a cross between J. Herbin's Violette Pensee and Bleu Nuit inks. Its flexible (which I've gotten to like) and has a very thick cotton elastic band to keep it closed. The medium-sized Planner is 8.25 by 5.25 and pretty thin, so it's not too bulky to fit in my bag. Inside is a cotton, non-elastic band for keeping track of the current week. Both are 100% organic cotton, with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper, while the cover is dyed with vegetable-based ink. Green Grape, as it were.

So what's inside the Planner? Lots and lots of great information, superb writing paper, and a 52 week organizer with lots of memo space. The front of the planner contains:

A personal information page
Two-page 2011 calendar
Six-page 2011 to-do list style calendar
Two-page 2012 calendar
Six-page 2012 to-do list style calendar
Tw0-page travel record
Two-page US time zone map
Two-page toll free numbers and web sites (airlines, hotels, etc.)
Two-page international time zone map
International dialing codes
US and Canada area codes
A measurement, temperature, and speed conversion chart
A web site log

After all that, we finally get to the weekly calendar, as pictured above. The paper is really very good quality, and I actually had to wait for my fountain pen ink to dry to close the journal. That's what makes this such a pleasure to write on.

This is a shot of the web site log page, which is very handy. I'm not sure how I'll feel when I have to copy all that over to another planner, but maybe I won't have to. Which leads to an interesting observation: there's no address book in this planner, something I find refreshing. I always hate the waste of paper in my Day Timer, and am really glad Ecosystem didn't bother with that function.

And like the other Ecosystem paper products, this one has an envelope at the back for receipts, notes, whatever, and an ID number in case you want to log it in at the web site.

All in all, from color to paper to use the Ecosystem Planner is exceptional. If you haven't gotten one yet, they likely will be available at Barnes and Noble (and possibly on sale, as well). Check this out if you're around, or on line.

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  1. I love the color. I wish mine had come in that color. I use their small pocket size planner. Last year I had pink. This year all I could find was black. It's nice but, the brightness of the pink made it easier to find in my purse.