Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crown Grey Fountain Pen by Terzetti

One eBay seller I've gone back to several times is temecula53, who handles a lot of medium and lower-priced ballpoints and fountain pens, such as the Rotring Surf. Looking through his gallery I came across this Crown fountain pen in grey by Terzetti, a brand I'm not familiar with but was definitely interested in from the pictures.

This is an excellent fountain pen with a sleek, contemporary design and a medium German iridium nib that doesn't skip or dry-start (so far, I should add). The glossy grey barrel is complemented by matte chrome trim and accents and a softly rounded clip. There's also a black hard rubber grip near the section that really adds a nice touch to the overall look of the pen.

The cap has a jewel-like matte chrome crown and an indent that matches the indent on the end of the barrel and acts as a lock when the cap is posted. All of this hardware makes the pen slightly heavier than most fountain pens, but that's one of its attractions.

The pen also comes in a white version, and you get a great package: pen, 5 ink cartridges, a converter, a velvet pouch, and a clear case for storage. For $14 total (which includes shipping), you really want to think about treating yourself and adding one of these to your collection.


  1. Hi PB! I like the look of this pen.

  2. I can practically guarantee this is an all Chinese-made pen. "Iridum Germany" on the nib is a dead giveaway. The quality of these nibs can vary greatly. This isn't to say you won't get a great pen at a low price though. You just have to be lucky (or know how to tune a wonky nib).

    My experience with these colored Chinese pens is that the finish eventually peels or scratches off. Now I stick with all plastic and/or metal finish pens to avoid this.

    Enjoy - David in Jakarta

  3. Hi Zuzu,

    I like the look of these pens as well, I'm thinking of getting the white one to add to the collection.

    Hi David,

    Chinese manufacturers bought out the stock and dyes from German pen companies some years ago when they closed. Instead of changing the stamp, they continue to press out "Germany" on the nib, but it's neither German nor iridium. (Many thanks to Fountain Pen Network for that info, btw.)

    But the Crown does seem to have a pretty good steel nib, and there is some sort of coating over the gray paint that probably will lessen the chance of scratching.

    My Noodler's eyedropper fountain pen doesn't have the same quality as this one, so I'm quite happy. But you're right, with lower-priced pens it is hit or miss.

  4. Good to know... I've been looking at the Ebay page for some time now, and now I am convinced it's a good buy. The problem now is to request the money through the Appropriations Committee (my wife). :-)
    Thanks for the review... it was perfect!