Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Post-it Personal Journal

Target carries a lot of great office supplies and many Post-it products, including this Post-it Personal Journal. Made out of a fairly thick cardboard stock, this holder contains two 4x6 inch 50-count Post-it pad for all your note taking needs, including a 7-day to do list and a regular lined pad.

Semi-pocket sized, it's just a little wider than a Moleskine or Rhodia pocket notebook and so may not be useful for everyone. The sides fits smoothly when closed, so there's no room to slide in a pen or pencil (a Tombow OnBook clip ballpoint will work, however). And the elastic closure band needs to be a bit more robust (i.e., not a cheap hair scrunchy).

Finally, color selection could be better: there were blue Greek coffee shop style patterns and red Animal print-style patterns, but no solid black for the serious or business minded.

If you're looking for something to carry Post-it notes that's refillable and handy, this is a great choice. Finding it may be a bit challenging, as I didn't see it listed on the Post-it website.

So you may have to check out a few places, but for $7.99 it's a handy way to carry your Post-its for quick notes and lists. With a bit of re-tooling (size is okay, color needs some work), this could be a fantastic and fun "productivity tool."