Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OHTO Needle-Point Slim Line II Ballpoint Pen

OHTO is another brand featured at JetPens that I've been curious to try, but hadn't hit the "add to shopping cart" button until a recent order. As I was looking for a ballpoint at the time, I decided to try the orange Needle-Point Slim Line II Ballpoint Pen with a 0.5mm tip and orange body.

According to their website, OHTO manufactured the world's first pencil-shaped ballpoint pen in 1949. The Slim Line is a soft ink roller pen, with an aluminum body and brass accents. It is tiny (5.16 inches, with a very small refill about the size of a darning needle) and slim (9.5mm diameter), and the needle point is so slim it seems to disappear when you are writing.

The Slim Line is a delicate-looking pen but has held up well in a pencil case tumbled around with bigger, bulkier pens. No scratches on the body so far, even when I've just dumped it into my satchel next to the keys and phone. The ink is actually quite good, not a lot of blobbing on the Doane paper (although the thin line seems to disappear next to all the lines and colors) and no skipping.

If you need a pen that can fit into the tiniest of pen loops, or the smallest of pockets or purses, this is it. Lots of fashionable colors to chose from, in an assortment of pastels and bolds that either hide away or make a statement.


  1. Full Disclosure: I am with OHTO Americas.

    Nice review! I like that you did your research! This is one of our most popular pens and we are glad you like it! Feel free to visit our Facebook page if you have time:

    T.J. ~ OHTO Americas