Monday, January 17, 2011

Morning Glory Mach II Gel Ink Pen

While looking for something a bit different to round out a JetPens order, this Morning Glory Mach II gel ink pen seemed like an interesting addition. From Korea, the Mach II is a 0.4mm needle point with a tank ink cartridge that will last and last (5,000 meters per the advertising). As I've never actually measured any writing, I'll take their word for it.

The Mach II design is pleasingly color-coordinated, with a semi-transparent barrel accented by a lighter, slightly metallic opaque cap and end. The 0.4mm needle point tip gives a precise, thing line but it's just wide enough to suit me. The ink seems to shade a lot, and then lightens as it dries. Drying time is fast, so there's no smearing, and the clip is solid without being too heavy.

It's a very good pen, and should get a look-see if you're placing an order.