Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Dragon in My Office

Besides a 60 pound piece of amethyst geode, I've also acquired a dragon for my home office. Sculpted in Thailand from sawdust and glue, the dragon sits on the side of a black wooden hollow pillar--it's actually an incense burner. The bottom detaches and you can put stick incense in the pillar, so that smoke comes out of the mouth (which you can see a little bit on the right top side).


  1. Happy New Year.
    Neat dragon, looks like it is carved from wood.
    It has a sort of aquatic look to it.

    The incense smoke coming out the mouth is very impressive.
    Does it come out the nostrils as well?

  2. razide, this one only has smoke coming out of the mouth as the dragon is on top of post. They had a second dragon that whirled around the post and was on the side, that had smoke coming out the nostrils. Unfortunately there is no website for the company.

  3. Heheh, that's pretty cool. The Dragon looks nice and the incense should help calm the mind while working. That's a very nice accessory to put in one's office!