Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Pair of Pelikans

I was looking at several inks at the NYC Pen Show and saw the Pelikan 4001, which I later purchased in Blue-Black to try out with my Monteverde Invincia Color Fusion.

The two did not get along, but I wanted to see how the 4001 ink ($9.75) worked in another pen and decided to try it in a Pelikan, the M205 Clear Yellow highlighter that I bought with an extra fine nib.

Then I decided to see if next to the Pelikan Edelstein in Topaz ($20), and decided to use my Pelikan M205 Clear Blue with a fine nib, just for the symmetry.

Both inks have their attractions, the 4001 is a dark blue with black shading in it. I like the color, it's a good, everyday ink. The Edelstein Topaz is bright blue, and also shades very nicely. I'm thinking J. Herbin Bleu Pervanche might be very similar to this ink, at least on the monitor.

Both inks are a nice edition to my line up. I'll be very interested to see if any other pens aren't fond of the 4001, or if it's a Monteverde quirk.


  1. Pelikan 4001 inks are notoriously 'dry', I think to compensate for the wet nibs of Pelikan pens. I like the colours but tend to save them for really soggy writers or for dip pens, where their comparative dryness will help.

  2. It's funny how some pen/ink combinations behave. I have Private Reserve Ultra Fast Drying Black, which seems not to work in anything. It bleeeeds all over. The only thing I can think to use it with is a J. Herbin glass dip pen.

    At any rate, I love the M205, and your Monteverde looks awesome.

  3. Thanks for that information, David. So far my inks have been very "wet" and the pens have reacted accordingly, which is why I first thought it was the Monteverde and not the ink.

    Alex W., that Private Reserve sounds interesting, I'll have to look for it. What I've found is that Noodler's has a tendency to be very wet in my pens, but like the junkie I am I go back for more bottles. That's how drug dealers and ink sellers make their money, on the come back. :)

  4. from where did you purchase M 205 duo? do they still have stock of M 205 duo


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