Friday, November 5, 2010

Kum Scribble 1870K Pencil Sharpener

I was writing with one of my Lamy pencils and realized I didn't have a sharpener big enough for it, so off to JetPens to look for a Kum sharpener. The one I really liked was the Kum Scribble 1870K M2 Magnesium Pencil Sharpener.

What's interesting about this sharpener is that the two options aren't for large or regular-sized pencils but to produce a long and sharp point for harder lead grades and another that makes a shorter point for softer lead grades. Up until I saw this, I hadn't given much thought to the different pencil-sharpened lenghts--the longer, sharper point (which seems like a regular pencil point) versus the shorter point (the kind I associate with golf score cards and the Ikea store notepads).

The Scribble is a fun sharpener for another reason and that's the scribbles on the side. The City sharpener shows tall buildings being climbed by monsters, and bats flying all over the place. Which makes me curious about the other Scribble sharpener featuring a Garden motif--the bunnies don't seem to have fangs, but I can only see one side on the JetPens website.


  1. I'm so bad - I ordered this exact same sharpener, but failed to realize I didn't have any pencils to sharpen! Needless to say, that was corrected on my next order.

  2. Dowdyism, you may want to check sites that refer to wood-cased pencils, review 'em, etc. They're not everyone's cup of tea, but a quality wood-cased pencil can write with the low coefficient of friction and saturated line reminiscent of a fountain pen. A good sharpener is important. Thanks for the post, Diane.:-} Jack/Youngstown

  3. Too funny Brad! I bought those wonderful Lamy pencils and then discovered they were too big for my Kum bronze sharpener. Went to JetPens to order this and totally forgot about it while getting more pens and stuff. So I had to order again, an absolute ordeal (not).

    Jack, you're the one who first mentioned Kum to me and what an amazing sharpener this is. A great tip from Ohio. :)

  4. Hmm, looks like it might also fit the wider Caran D'Ache Grafwood pencils. Might have to order one when Jet Pens re-stocks them.

  5. Thanks, Diane. It's taken me most of a year for this "reviving penman" to find words for the real differences in writing tools. I'm glad to contribute a little.

    Jack/Youngstown :-}