Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Diamine Delamere Ink

My Noodler's V-Mail GI Green was a bit too wet for my pen, and wound up getting into parts of the pen where I couldn't remove the ink. So I was looking for a more well-behaved green, and decided to give the Diamine Delamere a try as a sample from the Goulet Pen Company.

This is a really beautiful green, true to the concept of green with maybe a touch more yellow in the shading. It's not the quickest drying ink, but it doesn't take forever like some. I tried it out on a Rhodia 80gsm notepad using my Pilot Custom 74 with a fine point. If you're looking for a deep green, try the Diamine Delamere.


  1. This ink looks like a slightly darker of JHerbin's Vert Reseda in the swab but much darker in the handwriting sample. Interesting, especially because it looks like a fine nib, which in my experience displays ink lighter.

  2. Thanks for the link! This is one of those colors that often gets overlooked. It's really a nice color.