Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Waiting Patiently For My Huron Bulb Filler

No, this isn't the pen I'm waiting for from Edison Pen Co. but oh, would that it were. What an amazing-looking pen, the hieroglyphics are beautifully engraved.

As for my pen, according to the email from Brian my ivy-green-and-white Huron Bulb Filler went on the lathe yesterday, will be engraved on the 19th, and shipped on the 22nd. With all the pens I now have you'd think waiting on this one would be easy? Not.


  1. The pen is off the lathe, and waiting to be sanded and polished. I might get photos to you before the weekend, but definitely on Monday, if not earlier. Thanks!

  2. That would be fantastic, would love "baby pics" of the new pen.

  3. Oh wow, what beautiful pen and what a fantastic design! Is that a custom design? I'd love to have a pen with a cuneiform inscription...