Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Uni Ball Gel Impact 1.0mm

While browsing at the Essex Card Shop a few weeks ago I was looking over the pens and decided to get something unusual not just ink-wise but with a larger point width as well. This Uni Ball Gel Impact pen scores on all counts. It is one of the heaviest pens I've used outside a broad fountain pen, and it is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing. The cap is curvy, and the pen color shades from dark gray to light gray and back again in a really lovely manner. The pen clip is also curved-there are no hard edges on this pen. The cap has a band of color (in this case red) to let you know what you're about to write with, while the barrel has clear oval windows, again in this case clear red, to let you see the remaining ink in the cartridge.

I like ballpoint gel ink pens, they write smoothly and remind me of the whole ballpoint experience without the spidering ink or dots of messy color. This is definitely a smooth writer, and with a 1.0mm width on the point it is a broad flowing line. The barrel has a rubber grip for comfort and greater control. Most likely because of the broadness of the point, the ink takes a longer time to dry and may smear after 10 seconds. Not necessarily a good option for lefties then. On the whole, this is a very solid-feeling gel ink pen, and a definite choice if you like the Pilot G2 but want a more mature look to your pens. Of course, the red ink--which practically glows--may not be your choice, but there are other colors to choose from.

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