Monday, October 5, 2009

Post-it® Padded Cards

My neighborhood drugstore, one of those old-fashioned mom-and-pop places, doesn't carry much in the way of office supplies. A lot of bubble mailers, Mead notebooks, and Bic pens as well as some of the cute 99 cent stuff like pencil sharpeners and erasers. So I was surprised to see these Post-it® Padded Cards--something I didn't know I needed until that moment. I bought two packs (white plain and lined), leaving the lined yellow-blue-green pack for another day.

I'm thinking this is old stock they've had around for years without anyone really noticing (myself included). When I checked 3M's website I couldn't find any information on the Padded Cards; only when I ran a search did this one reference come up: Post-it® Padded Cards with restickable adhesive allow you to visually organize your tasks and ideas. They are durable, portable, and easy to carry with you wherever you go. Stick important information in planners, notebooks, files, & other organizers. Which makes me wonder how old these are, and whether they've been discontinued.

The Padded Cards are a really great idea. Each pack contains 50 cards almost the size of a 3x5 note card; they are made from a heavy paper stock and are quite thick. I decided to split off cards and stick them in various notebooks (Moleskine, Rhodia, Field Notes) for those times when I want to add something or, more likely, for when a colleague asks if I have a piece of paper to write on. If I'm using a tablet, tearing out a sheet isn't a problem. But lately I've been carrying journals, and it's annoying to rip out a page just to right a sentence or two. Now I can just pull off a Post-it® Padded Card and my journal is saved. This pic shows some of the cards in the back of a Field Notes journal. The pack sold for $1.49 plus tax, and I'll be heading back for a few more packs.


  1. I Googled the product name and found it on the 3M website. Awesome: they are still in production! Not awesome: when a site's search doesn't work as well as Google!

  2. Thanks much for the info, would be nice if 3M spotlighted the cards on their own website!

  3. I actually got some of these not too long ago at Staples but the card is "vertical" rather than horizontal which is what drew me to them. I like writing on 3x5 vertical pads/cards/etc.

  4. Zuzu, I saw those on the internet somewhere but haven't seen them in person. I'll have to look more closely the next time I'm in Staples, I like the idea of a thick vertical card.