Friday, October 2, 2009

Sakura Gelly Roll Gel Ink Pens

Walking through Paper Access on W. 18th Street, I notied the very large section of Sakura pens, including the Pigma and these Gelly Rolls. Naturally I had to check these gel inks out, and so I bought a few to try: hunter green metallic, burgundy metallic, black metallic, and a whimsical rose-gold color. The pens are about $2.25 plus tax each, and I do like the aesthetic--the rounded cap and sparkly plastic appeals to me quite a lot. They are certainly a lot longer than regular gel ink pens, something I also like as they have more ink to play with.

The writing is quite nice. The pen has a roller ball point that glides smoothly over the paper. The Metallic colors are, interestingly, more muted while the Gold gel ink pen is very strong and shiny, and leaves a definite shadow on the opposite side of the page. The Metallic black looks almost dark grey in some light, not a very deep black. Same with the hunter green and burgundy: the name implies a much stronger pigment than what actually shows up on the paper. I think the greatest appeal is the wide selection of colors and styles. I will have to look for green, burgundy and black in the Gold style to see how those look next to their Metallic counterparts.

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