Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pentalic a la Modeskin Journals

Another favorite stationery store that I browse a lot is Typewriters 'n Things on 8th Avenue, a block below 14th Street. The store is a tiny sliver of commerce with thousands of notebooks and journals (Rhodia, Miquelrius, Moleskine, Kokuyu, Clairefontaine, Apica minis, Memo brand journals, and Pentalic), pencils and pens (the only store I've found where I can buy a single orange Sharpie fine point for $1.99 or a purple G2 mini for $1.49), desk accessories, notepads, supplies, Autumn-inspired colored Post-It notes in all sizes, and more. The owner, his wife, and their son all work the counter and are very helpful in tracking down an item. In addition, if your typewriter (manual or electric) has stopped working they will repair it, and sell you some ribbons as well. That really tells me how long they've been around, or maybe it's a Greenwich Village thing--would Kerouac have used a Mac or a PC? Dylan Thomas a fountain pen or a LiveScribe?

On a recent "buy something orange but not another Rhodia" hunt I spotted this really cute journal called Pentalic a la Modeskin. The Pentalic is for sketching and/or journaling, with 160 pages of 60lb (100gsm) acid-free cream-colored paper. Like the Moleskine, the Pentalic has a ribbon page marker, and elastic closure, a back pocket for notes, and a leather-like, waterproof-stitched cover. Typewriters 'n Things had quite a few in various shapes and colors, but I was fixated on the mini 3x4 in orange selling for $4.95 plus tax.

The Pentalic stands up well next to the original Moleskine. One interesting feature is the notched edge where the elastic band lays on the top of the cover, a nice touch that makes for a snugger fit around the paper (which does not come to the exact edge of the cover as in a Moleskine). I haven't shown any written pages because Biffybeans did a great review of the larger Pentalic journal back in 2008 at her blog, Spiritual Evolution of the Bean, and she has lots to say about the writing quality . I can only add that this is a great little journal and an awesome color.