Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pilot Bravo Marker

I was sitting at a colleague's desk writing a note to her when I stopped to notice the pen I had chosen, a Pilot Bravo blue marker. This non-refillable pen reminds me of the Preppy Sign felt tip marker--it has the same type of barrel and wide tip marker that leaves a thick, wet line. The Bravo itself is nicely designed and has two clear panels on the barrel so the ink supply is visible. According to the company, the marker won't dry out if left uncapped, and the ink won't bleed through paper like other marker pens. Perhaps, although I found that it did leave a serious shadow on lesser quality paper, not that I'd use this for double sided writing. Not my first choice of a marker if a Sharpie is around, but a good pen all in all. The blue color itself is a deep, rich hue, not your standard blue but something with more shading to it to make it interesting. I'll probably give this a try on some Rhodia pads, although I'm hesitant to borrow the Bravo as it may never make it back to my co-worker's desk.