Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rhodia Bloc No. 120 Rainbow Notepad

I saw this Rhodia notepad in a post and was really taken with the rainbow colors of the paper, so naturally when I placed an order at Writer's Bloc I included a No. 120. I had seen the rainbow assortment in some wire bound Clairefontaine notebooks, but not in a Rhodia.

The No. 120 is larger than the No. 18, but is the same size as the No. 19 (8.25 by 12.5) that you can find in yellow lined paper or dotPad . There are 80 sheets of 80 gsm, 5x5m gridded paper in blue, bright yellow, pink, and mint green for you to choose from.

This is one cool design, and the larger paper makes it ideal for writing, doodling, notetaking, or whatever you usually do with A4 sized paper. You could keep notes segmented by color, and as the paper is three-hole punched you can add it to a binder.

I've noticed that when I don't quite know what use I'll make of something before I buy it I tend to find half a dozen uses after I've made the purchase. Inspiration is still coming to me, but I've started coming up with some plans for this that make it a necessary part of my daily arsenal. This may be the case for you, so definitely check out the Rhodia Bloc No. 120 rainbow notepad.


  1. Three letters - OOS (out of stock) :(

  2. Cool! I'd had no idea that Rhodia made anything like that! I don't think I'll try it though because of the size. I've got a notebook the same size which I initially thought would be great because I could fit more info on a page, but after a few days the long pages began to drive me crazy. Oh well!

  3. I see 4 holes... will it fit a 3 ring or is the spacing funky?