Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pouches! (and Shoplet's Giveaway)

Thanks to Shoplet's blog for pointing me to Invite.L and their amazing assortment of colorful pouches. Someone else likes Field Notes I see.

Shipping is $7 flat rate, but I can't tell if that's inside the US or not (although the blog has a ".us domain). The company itself seems to be registered in Korea; I may have to just email to find out what the story is on US orders.

Sometimes I think it might be easier to get a group together and split the costs for certain really cool non-US companies (I'm looking at you, Notemaker). If anyone would be interested in joining me on that, let me know.

Also, take a look at Shoplet's weekly giveaway, this week feature's 12 Avery backpacks, which I didn't know they made.


  1. Depending how my budget is feeling, I'd like to get in on some overseas orders :) I rarely purchase things because of shipping & handling charges. Splitting that up would be very helpful. ^^

  2. Thanks for mentioning us! The Avery backpacks we are giving away are just part of the promotion. I don't think they sell them separately. I always wish I could sneak in an entry for myself for these giveaways!

  3. I was wondering about whether Avery actually made them or they were the prize. Very nice backpack, and you run a great blog!


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