Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Magical Appearing/Disappearing Uni-ball Jetstream

About two weeks ago I came into my office and found a Uni-ball Jetstream rubber body pen on my desk. What was unusual is that it wasn't mine, as I use other Jetstreams but not this one. I'd lucked out--instead of someone walking off with one of my (more upscale) pens, someone left one of her (more upscale) pens with me.

The Uni-ball Jetstream rubber body is a great looking pen and I started writing my notes and doodles with it. Smooth ink flow, didn't smear, nice barrel, the 0.7mm width not too wide, and the rubber coating that feels a bit softer in the hand.

Last night I decided I'd write a review of it for the blog, and get it officially on the #dailyarsenal list. I brought my digital camera in with me to take pictures, only to pen. It was on my desk, now it's gone.

Perhaps it is a Quantum Jetstream, only in one place when you are focusing your attention on it. Or perhaps one of my co-workers left it on my desk a few weeks back, then saw it yesterday afternoon and took it back. Not a problem, but it does raise one question: who is coming into my office looking over my desk after I've left for the day?

Another post will be up shortly, but if you like gel ink pens and Jetstreams then try out this rubber body pen.

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  1. I always leave a cheap promotional Bic Clic Stic on my keyboard on my desk at work and almost every single day I come in, I find it missing. I must've gone through 15-20 Clic Stics in the past month. I guess I need to stop leaving them on the keyboard :) They're handy to keep there when people ask to borrow a pen, though.