Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lost Crates August 2011

My first Lost Crates subscription arrived and I'm really pleased to see the colorful items added to the list.

The way this is packaged adds to the nostalgia, brown paper tied with string. I'm waiting for Sam Clemens to come along with a pocket knife and open it for me at the knot, saving the string for whatever use he may have on the Mississippi.

Primary colors seem to rule this group, now I'm thinking I may have to re-take the test and add the paisley or plaid sample to see what shows up next.

I'm pleased with this first Crate, which is anchored by the large Moleskine journal. The contents are:

*one bright red, blank Moleskine journal

*one bright yellow New York State Field Notes memo book

*one bright blue Made by Humans Eco Stapler (really looking forward to trying this)

*one Joshua Davis blue rollerball from Miquel-Ruis

*two Pop Ink blank memo books from The French Paper Company.