Monday, June 20, 2011

Pilot Knight Fountain Pen

The Pilot Knight, introduced around 2005, is a medium-priced fountain pen and rollerball collection with some very interesting styling details. The pen has a thinner section than most fountain pens, with a beautifully tapered body.

The matte finish is elegant, with silver accents on the ring and clip (which has a snap up mechanism similar to the Sarasa Clip). In fact, the clip isn't as heavy as it looks given that it's solid stainless steel, and the pen doesn't feel too weighted down when posted. The pen itself is 5 3/18th inches when posted, and 5 3/4 inches capped.

All of the Knight fountain pens are medium stainless steel nibs, stamped "Pilot Super Nib Japan." This is one of the nicest nibs I've ever used, it flows smoothly with no dry starts or skipping. It's also an aerometric filler, something you don't see very often outside Chinese Hero fountain pens or similar brands. The filler worked very well, better in fact than some of my other converters.

All told, this is a very nice fountain pen. As Pilot has discontinued the Knight, many pen stores have put it on sale for a lot less than the $45 to $48 suggested retail price. If you're looking to add to your collection, take a look at the Pilot Knight.


  1. Pilot quality seems to me super, and the Knight's Lamy look (?) is a plus. The abruptly thinner section takes a little getting used-to. FPN has a discussion about the Knight, and I think there's a mention that the screw-type CON-50 converter also works. Great pen!8-)

  2. That's my post above. Jack/Youngstown


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