Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rhodia Pad Holder No 16 with Pen Hook

My favorite Rhodia pad is the N°16, which at 6 x 8.25 (A5) is just the right size for most of my note taking needs. I was very pleased when Rhodia introduced Pad Holders for the larger sizes, and especially so when I saw that the N°16 is the only Holder with a convenient side pen loop.

The Holder is imitation black leather with the Rhodia logo embossed on the front cover. Flip the top over and you have enough backing support for writing, which is great if you're taking notes somewhere other than your desk. The inside front cover also has a pocket for papers, receipts, cards, and whatever loose stuff you need to carry at that time.

If there's any drawback to the Pad Holder it's that you cannot write on the other side of the Rhodia sheet, which is one way to handle the ink bleed-through problem. If you are at all bothered by "wasted" space (one-sided writing only) then this is not for you. Otherwise, consider investing in a Pad Holder for your favorite Rhodia, either black or orange--it's a classy way to write.


  1. I love this idea! I have a leather Rhodia Pad holder for my No12 sizes and it's perfect as a pocket notepad. This will work perfect as a desk/manbag pad. Just love Rhodia stuff!

  2. Thanks, Diane. Am I the only guy who's noticed the quality of plastics (for pad holders, journals, and a lot more) seems a lot better than it used to be?

    My memory tells me most sheet (or roll) plastic was slick, vinyly stuff; molded products were slick, brittle, and with occasional "witness lines" where the part failed to exit the mold cleanly.

    My ZEQUENZ journal's cover is a pleasant matte finish, with a surface feel somewhere between bonded leather and smooth rubber. Jack/Youngstown


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