Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Muji 4x4 Recycled Scratch Pad

Just a small item I picked up on one of my trips to Muji, but hadn't had a chance to use it until now. I like to use scratch pads instead of yellow stickies for quick notes, as I feel like I'm wasting a perfectly good 3M for a calculation or phone number. But with a scratch pad, especially one made from recycled paper, I don't feel quite as guilty.

Muji's pad is a 4x4 square made from 50% recycled paper with the feel of a slightly heavier newsprint. It's a dull cream color, which you don't really see too well in the picture (only one of which would load for some reason, grrrrrrr!!!!). The square size fits perfectly on my desk or in one of the compartments in my handbag or carry case, so it's portable as well and could actually be divided into smaller amounts (there are 400 sheets, enough for 4 to 8 pads if you're so minded).

The paper itself is quite nice, a bit thicker than regular newsprint but nowhere near the Rhodia/Quo Vadis 80gsm to 90gsm weight. I forget the price, but less than $2 definitely, which makes it a great stocking stuffer for the paper and office supply lovers on your various lists (birthday, holiday, I'm sorry day, etc.).

Writing is fine, the paper is thick enough so there is no bleed through but a definite shadow using a gel ink pen. Pencils work well too, although you have to be careful of smearing the graphite. All in all this is a cute scratch pad that looks much nicer than the regular bright white rectangles you see on everyone's desks. If you're near Muji sometime (or online, although these are just slightly larger), check out these cute pads.

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