Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nomadic Envelope Style Pen Case

The Nomadic Envelope Style Pen Case is a tri-fold case that holds anywhere from 14 to 20 pens (depending on the diameter) and can, among other things, can stand on its own. The durable nylon fabric comes in a variety of colors (Tokyo Pen Shop has black, orange, and red while JetPens has black, navy, red, and khaki)

What I like is the velcro on each wing of the case is positioned exactly for maximum tightness in holding the pens in place without stretching the nylon out of shape. I tend to carry a lot of fountain pens in this gray one (I think 15 at one point), and while the case didn't lay flat it didn't bulge so much that I couldn't get it into my satchel. With the fountain pens clipped to the side of each pen holder, I didn't have any problems with them falling out.

Opened all the way it's a big pen case, with lots of room in each nylon section for big or thin pens, while under the placket (top middle section) there's a compartment for erasers or coins. The height of each section is such that you can see your pen (fountain or otherwise) right away, making finding your daily arsenal all the easier.

The back view shows how the edges curve to make the envelope all the more distintive, just a detail that adds a touch of style to the case itself. So far I've had no ink spills or blotches, so I don't know how well the nylon cleans. But it's most likely washable. If you're interested in a soft, non-leather case that will hold a lot of pens then this is definitely something to keep in mind when placing your next JetPens or Tokyo Pen Shop order. The price is very reasonable, too.


  1. Wow! That is an awesome pen case!! I need one now! :D

  2. Thanks! I may include that with my next ink order. Where did you get the grey one from?

  3. Got it at JetPens but it was a closeout, I don't see any more in this color. I really wanted the bright yellow, but didn't go to Tokyo Pen Shop until after I placed my order with JetPens.

  4. I have one of these on my wish list. It won't hold all my pens but it should barely hold my fountain pens only.

  5. Nice review! quite possibly one of the best storage organizer cases for a dozen sketching tools. I really like the khaki case where I keep my spare leadholders and mechanical pencils.