Monday, December 20, 2010

Sailor Gentle Ink in Blue Black

An ink that I discovered at the October 2010 NYC Pen Show was this Sailor Gentle Ink, and particularly this color--Blue Black. I saw it first when testing out the TWSBI Diamond 530 pen, and absolutely fell in love with the color.

The above picture doesn't really capture the color of this ink, which looks like it's blue with a black tinge to it (and so it should be "black blue" indicating that it's a blue color with black characteristics). While not waterproof, the ink did hold up pretty well when H2O was added. And while not a quick drying ink, it wasn't as wet as some and dried within a fairly short time.

I do like how this shades, very dark with blue highlights. It's a lovely color, and looks great in clear demonstrators like the TWSBI.


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