Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Staples Letter Size Pad

One of the "staples" of our office, and no doubt millions of others, is this Staples letter size note pad. Simple white paper with a double red line separating the margin makes for a common yet thoroughly enjoyable writing experience.

The paper is slightly rough (like bagasse, but made with the dioxin) and seems thin, but it's actually quite substantial. My Zebra Sarasa gel ink pen didn't bleed through, though there was a heavy shadow on the other side, so you might want to skip the back when writing.

The paper itself is a bright white, and it's actually a rather classy-looking notepad. The logo looks right on the khaki-olive color just underneath the blue top liner, giving everything a balance look that's not too weird or bright or garish.

If you use these, take a moment to really look at this nice little notepad. That it fades into the background actually makes it more interesting--it's not meant to stand out, what you write down is.


  1. I've been using a Mead #70104, 6" X 9" plain writing pad, about a buck-and-a-half. (I've seen much higher Internet pricing for this drugstore/variety store product.) Works great with my FPs and Private Reserve inks. YMMV. It ain't Rhodia, but it works well. Thanks for looking at some gems at the lower price points.

    BTW--My local Staples people are pretty hip, and they've warned me about a few seasonal junk goods that corporate forces on them. Specifically, some leather-bound pads . . . for which there aren't generally available refills.

  2. I also like that you're giving attention to a common notepad. That type of paper is great, isn't it?

  3. Eliza, yes it is. I had noticed it before, the bright white paper is hard to miss, and wanted to call some attention to this humble notepad. I was surprised about the paper, I thought the gel ink would go straight through but it didn't.

    Jack, Mead is one of those names we know but never seem to remember. They make a good product, I've got some of their wire ring notebooks and like them.

  4. I had the office manager order a pack of these over the summer, I just started to use one and unlike the other staples pads we had, same style, label etc my gel pens soaked through, fountain pens feathered like MAD, and in general the only thing I could use with them were cheap roller balls... I passed them off on unsuspecting coworkers, who use roller balls, and convinced her to order me the staples eco-easy bagasse legal pads. They came in today and are lovely with everything I throw at them.


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