Monday, December 27, 2010

Waterman Rollerball

While visiting the parents, I wandered into my brother's office looking for something only to stop dead when I saw this on his desk--a beautiful Waterman rollerball from the early 1990s. It looks very much like one of my Waterman Laureat fountain pens, but it has a slightly slimmer silhouette. The shiny grey-black lacquer over metal, a color that reminds me of hematite, is elegant but not too snobbish.

My brother was amused when I grabbed the rollerball and started writing with it, checking out it's grip and flow. It's beautiful, but then it's been sitting in a drawer for over 15 years unused and unremembered until recently so it's in absolute mint condition and ready to go. Seeing this led me to get out some of the fountain pens I brought home and show him the vintage ones I got at the NYC Pen Show, and talking pens. I got another shock when I opened his gift to me, but that's for another post. I will only say that Richard Binder must have been pleased. I sure was.

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  1. I am looking everywhere for that exact pen lol. Can you believe that it's so hard to find this one in black on sale? I found the other colors and at good ranges, but I love black with gold trims. Seems like outside the US they're kind of common. I'm likely going to have to pay triple its worth if I really want one in good condition by buying it from overseas. Either way, thanks for posting this helped me in my search for this pen (I saw this pen somewhere and knew what it looked like but never knew the make and model, so I went searching all over the Internet with all different companies, but found out this pen was discontinued).