Thursday, December 9, 2010

Michael Roger Landmade Cork Pocket Journal

One of the more interesting purchases from Sustainable NYC was this Michael Roger cork notebook. It's a pocket hardbound notebook measuring 3.5x5.5 with lined cream-colored paper that's rough to the touch but works pretty well with an assortment of pens.

The journal cover is made from sustainably-harvested cork (stripping the outermost layer of bark from the cork oak tree, which then grows back and can be re-harvested). There's an elastic band for closure, but no pouch at the back (which I find refreshing, actually). It's certainly different from small Moleskine, Ecosystem, and Rhodia webbies, and if you have several small pocket journals around you'll find this one right away by touch or sight. I'd probably go with a tan or dark brown elastic band, as I find this white one a bit out of place, but that's really my only negative for this small pocket notebook (and the price of $10.95 is right in line with other pocket notebooks as well).

The small pocket journal has 160 narrow-lined pages (there's a blank journal one as well), but I didn't find them too narrow that I couldn't write. In fact, I was rather impressed by this little journal. The paper is quite writeable with no ink creep on the letters or smearing. And except for the Sharpie permanent marker, none of the inks bled through the pages.

According to their website, Michael Roger Press is a small bookbinding firm in New Jersey, and they manufacture almost everything by hand at their warehouse. There are some very nice small and medium-sized journals available, along with other odds and ends that are in the "buy it and then find a use for it" category. I do like that Dispatches Journal, and will have to look around for it or place an order.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea. It would be nice if it were refillable with a Rite in Rain pad, as you could take it with you fishing or boating, and if it fell in the water it might float. Nice use of sustainable resources.