Thursday, July 1, 2010

The iPad Has Landed

Finally arrived, the iPad 64gb with WiFi and 3G wireless. This is truly amazing, I've got my Kindle app set up and all my books, along with Netflix and a game or two. And I bought an app to let me create and edit docs in Word and Excel 2007. If this were cheaper, Bezos would be crying himself to sleep at night.

So posting will remain light while I play with the new gadget.


  1. That's crazy cool, I can't lie, I'm jealous. ;-)

  2. JoniB, Jeff Bezos is the founder of and the iPad is a direct competitor (and more) for the Kindle.

    Speedmaster, yeah, I know the feeling. :)

  3. Maybe I shouldn't bring this up, but the iPad fits perfectly into a one gallon baggie. Yes, you can watch Netflix in the bath. I mean really, no kidding.

  4. H. Doug, thanks for that info. I will have to try that out. :)