Monday, July 26, 2010

Kokuyo Beetle Tip Highlighters

While I'm not much on highlighting anymore having overdone it in college (my text books look like they're printed on yellow paper), every once in awhile I do need to note something and reach for one of the freebie highlighter pens picked up at a vendor show. But a few weeks ago I found the Kokuyo Beetle Tip highlighters at a bookstore in mid-town and picked up the pink and green ones.

The Beetle Tip highlighter was one of three winners of the 2007 Kokuyo Design Award, and was designed by Park Misaki. The pen went into production in 2008, and seems to be a big hit; you can purchase them at JetPens, and they are a great way to round out an order for free shipping. The power of suggestion being what it is, the tip does seem to represent a beetle's mandible, or something insectoid.

This is one of the most interesting pens, highlighter or regular, that I've ever used. The tip is meant to be used in three ways: for highlighting as a double line, for giving a bold broad stroke across the page, and as a sharp accent line. I tend to just need a broad stroke, but I'm thinking of playing with that double line. The color isn't as bright as some highlighters, which is actually a plus in my book as I don't want the neon screaming all over the page. Just point out to me what I thought was so important when I first read the material, thank you. And the Beetle Tip does just that.