Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pilot Hi-Tec C Gel Ink Pen in Kurikawa

I've gotten to like these Pilot Hi-Tec C gel ink pens, even with the needle point (as long as it is a 0.5mm). I still hold the pen too lightly, as I'm afraid I'll bust the tip but eventually my hand signals my brain that I can grip more tightly and the muscles tighten up. Which makes the line darker and more noticeable.

This Hi-Tec-C is another one of the Yuwargi colors, Kurikawa or Chestnut Bark Brown. It's definitely not an ordinary brown, but softer and I'd say a touch lighter. A bit darker than milk chocolate, with perhaps a dash of red in it (but not too much to be seen clearly).

A great color, and if you're collecting gel ink pens in different colors try this one out. As ususal, Doane Paper is the test pulp.


  1. Chestnut Bark Browns sounds like a really nice colour although in your little photo it looks more a dark green/grey (maybe its the colour balance on my monitor). The Yuwargi colours are very appealing, it is a pity they aren't more readily available.

    Some of my favourite browns are the Uniball Signo BrownBlack & Sarasa Clip Brown.

  2. Not a great pic, and there may be some green/grey in it as it's not a standard brown I've seen. I'll have to try the Brown Black, that sounds like a great color.

  3. I thought I was a monochrome dude, but, I've used red and green inks, also yellow and blue highlighters, plus, there's a mess of colored Berol Verithins in my desk drawer from a long-forgotten project. Norman Haase at sent me a Crocodile Silver Rain fountain pen with a note in Private Reserve's Gray Flannel ink on a cream (buff? tan?) paper.
    It works, and, after some experimenting, I'd guess Gray Flannel to be similar to maybe an H grade pencil.

    Anybody else using colored fountain pen inks? Anybody have an argument for using colored fountain pen inks, other than black and blue? Jack/Youngstown


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