Friday, July 30, 2010

O'BON Review: White A4 Sugarcane Journal

(Gifts from O'BON, back to front: Peacock 1 inch 3-ring binder, L'Artiste art set, Wildlife Pencil Pack, Sugarcane White A4 Journal, Bird A5 notebook)

My friend C is a big paper fan, and so we had a blast at The National Stationery Show walking every aisle and checking out the cards, paper, pencils, and accessories, all the while comparing notes on our favorites. She was scouting things for her mom's small business while I was scouting things for my small blog, so our agendas overlapped.

One early stop was the O'BON booth, whose products I remembered mostly from OfficeSupplyGeek's reviews. But C hadn't heard of them, and was amazed at the quality and silky feel of the sugar cane paper. She's used bagasse paper before and hadn't been impressed, so this was a new experience for her.

When O'BON generously offered to send me samples of their products to review I knew that C had to have one of their sugar cane notebooks to test; she got the (very pretty, I might add) Sugarcane A4 White Journal with blue writing on it, a nice addition to her own notebook collection. It's a handsome-looking notebook, with a bright white card stock cover that feels like it can hold up to the wear and tear of going 90 days in a backpack or messenger bag without looking like the dog sat on it.

What really surprised C, besides the smooth paper surface that was very easy to write on, was the superior quality of the bagasse itself. It handled the rollerball, pencil, ballpoint, and fountain pen with ease, no blotches, feathering, or skipped letters. Most importantly with the rollerball and fountain pen, there was no bleed through.

If you're into bagasse paper, green goods, or just like quality notebooks then you definitely want to check out the O'BON notebook line. I realize that this isn't an economically great time for most people, so a $6 notebook is a luxury. But if you've got a few extra dollars, then I'd say it's quite worth the cost. Check out their website, as there are some other great notebooks they offer such as the delicious-looking O'BONanaza lineup.