Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainbow Outside the Office Window

We're on the 29th Floor of an office building that faces the Hudson River, up near the George Washington Bridge. A few minutes ago my boss came running to tell us there was a rainbow right outside her office window. Fortunately one of my office mates, who is a professional photographer, got her camera out so my out-of-focus pics won't be the only mementos of this amazing sight.

Update 12:12 PM: Better picture from my co-worker.


  1. Nice photo of a city I've only known as a tourist, passing through, etc.

    What'd be cool is if some of the ink connoisseurs would suggest inks similar to the rainbow, just as an exercise. Jack/Youngstown

  2. Love the photo AND the view! Lucky you.

  3. Let's see, an orangeish-red, then yellow, then a pale blue, which pretty much exhausts my color sense.

    Way back when, I'd hitchhiked from college in Cincinnati to my sister's place in Yonkers. (I've probably had loonier ideas!) Gawd! was I grateful my last ride took me across the GW Bridge so I could catch the bus north. Jack/Youngstown