Thursday, March 25, 2010

Uni Style Fit Multi-Pen

The Uni Style Fit Multi-Pen takes the Uniball Signo DX ink refill and puts it into a multi-pen barrel that holds three of your favorite colors. The refills come in a wide variety of shades, and mine is filled with Brown-Black, Mandarin Orange, and a very bright Green all with a 0.38mm tip. Some of the multi-pen barrels have clips, others, like this purple one, do not.

To my eye the pen design isn't particularly stylish, but that may be a combination of the purple color (which isn't as blue as this picture makes it out to be), the "fins" at the end of the barrel, and the clear grip which allows you to see the ink refills but also makes the pen isn't quite the word I'm looking for but perhaps "lesser goods" might be the best way to put it. Which is interesting because the gel ink refills write smoothly and very crisply. This pic isn't the best quality, but the actual writing is very clear, even the green which is paler on the paper than in the pen. It's not a bad multi-pen at all, and I'm thinking of getting a different barrel. What really caught my eye was the Brown-Black ink refill, a different color that I wanted to try and find I like.


  1. You're right, PB, those "fins" make it look like something from my uncle's car lot in the late 1950s, or a tech geek toy from the same era. Eye of the beholder.

    I've shunned the multipen, and at least one practical reason was that refills were never readily available. Now that I'm ordering pens and what-not from 400 (and 2500) miles away, the playing field is level, I guess. Maybe it's time for me to take a second look at the multipen.

    Anyone know about "Fit" as a product name? Honda has a Fit.

    Thanks for the review, PB.


  2. I picked up a couple of these on my recent order and despite having heard how cheap these feel, it was only about half as cheap as I expected. The price and writing characteristics of the refills made up the difference for me for sure. My only real gripe is that the mechanism for switching refills is a little inconsistent for me and epitomizes the cheapness of the pen.

    On the other hand, if you can get over some of the annoyances of the delivery system, this is a pretty lightweight multi pen and it's price for performance is exceptional imo.

    enjoyed the post as usual,

  3. It's great you have the same colors in your Style Fit as I do! I love the pen tips of these better than the Pilot Coleto's, but I rather like the Coleto's body design better. Also, the little rubbery bit on the Coleto makes for an easier grip (imho).

  4. HELLO :D I like your review!! I AM A FAN OF UNI STYLE FIT AND GOT SIX OF THEM!! i love them but agree about the price. thx for the comment :p

  5. hi, can you tell me where can you buy this in australia? i've been looking for the refills! thanks!