Monday, March 29, 2010

DWR's Bouquet of Notebooks

Design Within Reach's Bouquet of Notebooks finally arrived (they were a backorder) and they were worth the wait. The seven pocket notebooks, about 4 x 5.5 with 40 unlined pages, are fashioned using different types of paper, the "7 senses of paper according to Fabriano."

According to this chart:

the Red notebook is Vellatutata--Velvety, and features very smooth 100gsm white paper.

the Orange notebook is Pergamenata--Parchment, with white 90gwm parchment paper.

Yellow is Goffrata--Embossed bright white 90gsm paper.

the Light Green notebook is Vergata--Laid, an ivory 85gsm paper.

Dark Green is Ecologica--Ecological, a cream colored 80gsm paper.

Light Blue is Naturale--Natural, a dark ivory 85gsm paper.

Finally, the Dark Blue notebook is Marcata--Felt Marked, an ivory 95gsm paper.

All the papers used are very smooth and heavy, likely to withstand fountain pen ink without bleeding. The colors and paper are a treat, definitely take a look at this if you are in the market for some unique pocket notebooks.


  1. Wow, that's a great set with so many different papers. Super nifty!

  2. Be still my heart! ha, ha I need more notebooks like a hole in the head but these sound great. Keep us posted on when/how you use them and which papers you like best. Would love a post on that.

  3. DWR deserves props for innovation. Boy, I'd like to see the paper 'n' notebook folks do some focus groups, if they don't already, to see what notebook users want. (I'm not holding my breath for anyone to manufacture my upmarket magnesium padholder.)


  4. Zuzu, I'll definitely let you know. Right now just by feel I'm surprised at how thin the parchment paper journal is and how luxurious the velvety paper feels.

  5. Are they lined or blank? If lined, I'm tempted. Blank? Not so much!


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