Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moleskine Large Reporter Notebook

This was an impulse purchase some time back, and while I love the concept I find I don't actually use it very much. With a notebook like this, such as a Rhodia pad, I'm so used to taking the front cover and pulling it behind the back that I can't get used to the Reporter's hard cover. It doesn't have to be flat to take notes, but for some reason I can't get into keeping the cover at a 90 degree angle.

In addition, the paper isn't fountain pen ink friendly. So either a pencil or ballpoint, but even a gel ink might bleed through. In the picture to the left you can see the bleed through of an ink swatch I had made. If you like the idea of a Reporter notebook that flips open but doesn't fold then check out the Moleskine brand.


  1. You now, the very thing you describe about the cover is what keeps me away from buying one of these. I much prefer a vertical page-flip over the horizontal for some reason, but seeing as how when you flip the cover, it lifts the page you are writing on, my writing is hard enough to read LOL. I'm sure if you micromanaged the thing, you could make it work but that kinda takes away from the open and write fun of it.

    I wish they made maybe a thinner version of this that really accommodated the flipping in a less annoying manner.

    I decided on a rhodia pad holder for an inexpensive and similarly functioning compromise.