Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fighter Plane Promotional Ballpoint Pen

A friend of mine attended the Show Biz Expo this past weekend in NYC and got one of these promotional pens in the shape of a fighter plane. The wings open and close, and the whole thing just looks amazing. I'm always intrigued by the many shapes and sizes of promotional pens, but this one has to be the winner. Unless someone else has a story to add?


  1. "'We're ready now!' cried Major Armstrong as he pushed himself up from the pilot's seat. He'd flown Kraut Pelikans and Jap Namikis back at White Sands late in 1946. You could feel the roar from their ink feeds."

    "The Brits had their venerable Conway Stewart. It was good, Armstrong admitted. Too bad it's Brit."

    "He'd been ready to try one of America's own, a tailless beauty armed with a revolutionary .5mm ball point at the business end."

    "Those Russians, Armstrong thought as he loosened his pressure suit, they'll just have to play ball now."


  2. Wow, now that is cool. I've seen a lot of promotional pens, being in the industry, but nothing like that. Kudos to Meridian for sourcing that. It takes a great level of creativity to truly differentiate one promotion from another and they have achieved that.

  3. That's seriously cool.
    I'd been to a Wellcome Trust exhibition last year about anatomical models and in their gift shop they had a pen in the form of a syringe full of "blood". Very appropriate - though not promotional as such.

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