Monday, March 1, 2010

Iroshizuku Ink in Ajisai

Here's a really beautiful medium-dark blue, Iroshizuku's Ajisai or Hydrangea. It's a vivid bluish purple as described at JetPens but definitely not as light as the color on the box. I wasn't sure about the color, but Bleets at Scriblets thought I would like the color and he was quite right. As blue goes, it's not a real dark blue and it has just a hint of purple in it to make it interesting. There doesn't seem to be a lot of shading, but I haven't written a lot with this ink so I can't tell yet. But I'm surprised at how bold the ink is using a fine point fountain pen, and will probably ink up my Rotring 900 when I run out of my current ink to see it in a broad cursive italic. Consider adding this to your ink collection if you love blues.

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  1. Nice review, PB. I'm not an inkophile, but even my middle-aged eyeballs notice the difference between Parker Quink Black and Private Reserve Velvet Black. I can see a handful of ink colors in a rig for variety, to distinguish business from personal writing, and so on. Private Reserve has 37 colors, and maybe one-third could be regarded as okay for business/"public" writing, the balance, maybe for more personal or artistic use. Thanks for the eye-opener.