Monday, November 9, 2009

A few months ago I was surfing the Internet looking for fountain pens and came upon this interesting site, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. The prices were definitely low, and free shipping with a $15 order so I decided to purchase a cream colored Bulow X750 Legislatur Fountain Pen with a medium nib and some converters.

This is a substantial pen, heavy and big like a cigar and nicely weighted once the cap is on. The silver nib, barrel, and cap appointments make a nice counterpoint to the cream color, and the detailing is amazing (such as the engraving on the silver band around the cap). While I prefer a fine nib, the line from this medium nib is not too wide. The nib itself has a tiny bit of flex to it, so the ink line can be slightly thicker or thinner depending upon the pressure exerted. The only problem I have with the pen is that it skips ink, which is annoying. Once I'm writing, there is no skip, so it may simply be I'm not putting enough pressure on the pen when I start (or there's a problem with the flow of ink to the nib).

I'm definitely interested in trying other pens from this site, as well as some of the inks. The prices are very good and the shipping is fast (I ordered on a Tuesday and got the pen on Friday). But I'm going to look for a fine nib next time, just for a little difference.


  1. I have had 3 pens from; all three were complete pieces of crap, thus again proving that you get what you pay for. Today, I am returning some of their special "Chesterfield" ink, because even the ink is substandard.

    Check out or go to Ebay and check out the hand made pens, many of which turn out to be of high quality. Or, just by a good rollerball from Staples and call it a day.

  2. 3 years later, and I am another customer of theirs who I have 3 pens from them and all of them were pieces of crap. They can't write a single sentence without skipping, and the only way to start them is to dip them in water first! Changing the cartridges is an exercise in frustration, usually ending in taking an ink bath. RUN from this company, even though they are rather nice in the way they treat you over the phone. And when I asked to exchange one, they told me to keep it, and sent a different style pen for no extra charge.

  3. I've ordered multiple pens from and will continue to patronize the site. The people are knowledgeable and customer relations oriented. The products are reasonably priced shipped in a timely manner. As for the two previous comments, I think their commentary references the manufacturers of the product and not the seller of it. I liken that to buying a specific brand of clothing that doesn't last through a few wash cycles, but blaming the store for the poor quality.