Thursday, November 19, 2009

Noodler's Ink Old Dutch Colony Sepia

On a recent trip to the Fountain Pen Hospital I was looking at the inks and spotted several new Noodler's Inks only available at FPH: Henry Hudson Blue and Old Dutch Colony Sepia. 2009 marks the 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson's discovery and navigation of the river that bears his name, the Hudson. The gentleman who took my order mentioned that I'd honed in on the new inks, seems they'd only just arrived a few days before (which would make that early November). As I don't have any brown inks I was looking forward to purchasing the Old Dutch Colony Sepia, and also thought the swatch of Henry Hudson Blue seemed like a great dark, cold blue so I took both inks.

This is the Old Dutch Colony Sepia, a deep brown warmed by quite a bit of red. The ink bottle has a drawing of a group of New Amsterdam colonists on a beach looking at something, with a flag in the background and what seems to be a fort. It's a cute label, and there's no doubt the ink is a Fountain Pen Hospital special as FPH appears prominently at the top of the label.

I'm not good at descriptions, but it seems a bit like J. Herbin Terre de Feu or perhaps a slightly warmer version of Noodler's Kiowa Pecan (I'm looking at swatches online, so there could be a huge discrepancy). The color dries lighter and more brown than the liquid ink, which is redder and darker. Maybe Brazil nut is the color I have in mind, although not as cool. The ink looks like it has a touch of shading to it, but again I'm not the best one to describe colors. Let's say it's not chocolate or brown bear or earthen. Finally, the ink is not bulletproof--just a regular fountain pen ink from Noodler's for FPH.


  1. Great review. Did it bleed through the pages of your Moleskine?

  2. Yes, it did. Never saw that on Clairefontaine or Rhodia paper, but this bled through the paper and left lots of ink on the sheet underneath it.

  3. Well, Pelikans are *very* wet compared to most other pens. Perhaps the selection of a different brand's pen will yield more favourable results.