Monday, November 2, 2009

Equology Textagenda with Notepad

You have a planner you love but you want to switch to another that's more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, the latter doesn't have something you really need (extra space for notes), so you decide to make your own with a great-looking canvas bag. But what if you already carry a canvas bag filled with pens and notebooks and other stuff, and don't want to have to fumble around on the subway? And what if you're not the best DIY-er around, so the solution has to be really simple?


1. Take an Equology Textagenda planner, one Quattro notepad with perforated sheets(can use a Rhodia, of course, just didn't have the right size at my desk at work), and one industrial-strength stapler (regular will also work, but you can't use as much notepad paper).

2. Disassemble the Quattro/Rhodia, taking apart as many sheets as you want. Cut the cover off (leave the back alone) and place over the notepad sheets to make a new journal.

3. Take the Textagenda out of the planner cover, align the notepad so the paper is outside of the right-hand side planner pocket, and staple the pad to the back inside paper cover.

4. Replace the Textagenda in the planner. Now you have an Equology Textagenda Planner that has a notebook with perforated paper, great for jotting notes and making lists.

Any problems with this? Basically you'll have to carry some tape with you if you want to place the notes on the page where you need them, or a small stapler if you don't want to use tape. And I'm planning on making some kind of closure for the planner cover, maybe black velcro, because now it looks to "open" because of the paper. Otherwise, this works for me and may also for you.

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