Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gelpoint 0.7m Rollerball

A few weeks ago I noticed a colleague sitting next to me using a really nice looking rollerball. I saw the name on the clip and went back to my office to scour the Corporate Express catalog to see if I could find it. And there it was, the Gelpoint Rollerball Gel Pen with a 0.7m point. The office placed an order, and a few days later a box of 1 dozen blue Gelpoints landed on my desk. I have to say, this is a very nice writing pen. The ink doesn't skip or spurt, so it's not too little or too much. Just a constant glide over the paper. The blue ink is very dark, with a touch of black to it that I like a lot. The pen has a hexagonal barrel so it won't go rolling off the desk, and the barrel near the point is slightly bigger to make for a better grip. Unfortunately this is a Corporate Express product, not available in stores. However, the company now owns Staples, so it's possible these pens will be available through that outlet.

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