Monday, November 30, 2009 Coupons and Gifts

I like this seller,, and as they have coupons and gift-with-purchase deals through Friday, December 4, I thought I'd pass this along.

GET YOUR LOOT!For this week only we have several active promotions. These promotions will COMPOUND with each other… so you can use them all at the same time to multiply your savings! First check the promotion description, then read the note below to learn how to qualify.

The Loot: Get free shipping on your order!Here’s how: First, add at least $15.00 worth of items to your cart. Then, during checkout select “Free Shipping” that is available for all packages shipped within the United States.

The Loot: FREE bottle of Chesterfield Ink!Here’s how: Add at least $35.00 worth of items to your cart. Any items will do! Then, add the Chesterfield Ink bottle of your choice to your shopping cart. After they have been added, enter CF44 in the coupon code box and click “apply”. Your ink bottle or cartridge tin is now in your cart for FREE! (you should see the savings reflected immediately.)

The Loot: Get the NEW X750 Damestein Fountain Pen (right) FREE!
Here’s how: First, add at least $50.00 worth of items to your cart [cart should have this amount before adding the promotional pen]. Then add the X750 Damestein to your shopping cart. Once the item has been added to your cart, enter DAME in the coupon code box and click “Apply”.

BONUS Loot: The coupons below will also be active* until Friday, Dec. 4! Use one, or use them all at the same time!

Discount code: X450
Loot: $5.00 Off the X450 Collection

Discount Code: SG2400
Loot: $15.00 Off the SG2400 Collection

Discount Code: X750
Loot: $10.00 Off the X750 Collection

Discount Code: SG2500
Loot: $10.00 Off the SG2500 Collection

Discount Code: NEBEL
Loot: $2.00 Off the X450 Nebel Flake Pen

Discount Code: GIFT
Loot: $5.00 Off a set of 5 wooden gift boxes

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