Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tombow Object Rollerball

Tombow is an interesting brand--like Itoya, the company lineup includes pens and certain office supplies. I saw this Object Rollerball online and immediately fell in love with the contemporary design and the 8 metallic colors. The Object Rollerball has a metal body and a wonderful satin finish, while the entire pen is very lightweight. There is a slightly rounded grip for greater comfort in holding the pen.

I definitely like writing with this rollerball. It really does glide over the paper and the ink is extremely quick drying so it would be a good option for lefties. The 0.5m refill tip looks more pointed for some reason, perhaps because the design of the pen itself is so sleek. This has jumped up to a top position in my pen lineup; the Object Rollerball retails for $24, but there are some available at and Goldspot Pens for less.

There are two drawbacks: first, the ink definitely bleeds through the paper, at least it does on this Doane notepad; second, the cap is difficult to remove, I almost feel I'm going to crush it I'm exerting so much pressure. Which makes the pen a 9.8 our of a 10, something to consider but not necessarily a dealbreaker.

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